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Mindfulness helps people with MS

New study finds that mindfulness training may benefit adults with multiple sclerosis (MS).

New research from Ohio State University suggests mindfulness training may help people with multiple sclerosis improve their cognitive function and regulate negative emotions. In the pilot study, 61 adults with MS attended either a mindfulness training (MT) group or an active cognitive training (ACT) group for four weeks, or were placed on a waitlist and received training at the end of the study.

Those in the MT group practiced paying attention to the present moment and learned how to focus on their breath and do mental body scans. People in the ACT group played computer games that helped them to focus, plan, and organize information.

At study’s end, adults in the MT group reported being better able to manage their emotions and showed greatly improved information-processing speed compared to the other two groups. These results are promising, as the mindfulness exercises used can be practiced regardless of physical ability, making them easily accessible to most people with MS.


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