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Chronic stress hijacks your brain, leaving you less able to think, plan, communicate effectively or be productive. Based on decades of research in applied neuroscience, psychophysiology, psychology and contemplative science, the Seven Skills in the BREATHE model provides simple tools and practical exercises to increase resiliency, decrease stress and cultivate greater attention, awareness and communication effectiveness.

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BREATHE model offers skills that empower you to increase your resiliency and create greater calm, clarity, understanding and success in your interpersonal interactions resulting in enhanced leadership skill, increased interpersonal effectiveness, and happier, more satisfying personal and professional relationships.



Using the 7 skills of the BREATHE model you will learn:

  • how to detect the subtle yet powerful cues that you're emotionally flooded, and

  • a simple, highly effective technique that disarms the stress response almost immediately.

This empowers you to...

  • make decisions and act from a place of calm and focused awareness

  • enhance your relationships, and

  • increase your performance and success.


Integrating the science of mind, body and brain

Selected as "One of the top 5 books for forging lasting relationships!"


"I LOVE THIS BOOK! Unmanaged stress is such an important detriment to a great relationship. In this very thorough book Dr. Bullock provides all the information necessary to manage stress and lead a calm, loving, and meaningful life with SPECIFIC STEPS that anyone can follow. It's a great recipe. As a research-based therapist, I plan on giving a copy of this book to all of my clients."

John Gottman, Ph.D.
New York Times Best Selling Author of 
The Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work


“Relationships are at the core of what defines our humanity and gives meaning in our lives. Yet for many successful relationships remain a challenge. Dr. Bullock in her groundbreaking book, Mindful Relationships: Seven Skills for Success, gives us a guide that synthesizes not only her vast personal experience but incorporates the latest research from neuroscience and psychology. Her profound BREATHE model allows us to incorporate this knowledge to not only enhance our relationships but to fundamentally change our lives for the better.”

Dr. James R Doty, MD, FACS Professor of Neurosurgery Stanford University School of Medicine, NY Times bestselling author of Into the Magic Shop: A Neurosurgeon’s Quest to Discover the Mysteries of the Brain and the Secrets of the Heart


“This book is a must have resource for leaders and organizations. Dr. Bullock offers a compelling account of the most up to date science on stress, its impact on relationships and what to do about it. Her coherent narrative is well balanced between research findings, personal stories and interpretation of the relevance to the reader. And her BREATHE model is practical, applicable in the moment, and highly effective. Mindful Relationships is remarkably readable. Even the science had me turning the pages as quickly as I could. I highly recommend it!"

Deborah Reidy Chair, Society for Organizational Learning NA Council President, Reidy Associates Leadership Development & Executive Coaching


“I can hardly endorse this book strongly enough. B Grace Bullock has given us a book packed with wisdom, cutting-edge neuroscience, and with her own very unique combination of gifts as a psychotherapist, a scientist, and a committed practitioner of the contemplative arts. Most importantly, for me, it is an extremely practical and user friendly guide. There is no more complex challenge to the practice of mindfulness than relationships. As Ram Dass used to say, “If you think you’re enlightened, go back and visit your parents.” Dr. Bullock has given us a method for bringing mindfulness into relationship—a method which, as she herself points out, is simple and always accessible. Human beings of every stripe will want this book, and will want to give it to their friends and loved-ones!”

Stephen Cope Senior Scholar in Residence, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Best Selling Author of The Great Work of Your Life: A Guide on the

Journey to Your True Calling, and Yoga and the Quest for the True Self


"Many of us can sit quietly, eyes closed, focusing mindfully on our breath. It is quite another challenge to bring mindful awareness—the ability to be with another human being without judgment, into a relationship and to sustain that over time with honesty, compassion, and care. But we can do it, and this is important work for a just and sustainable 21rst Century. Dr. Bullock gives us a smart and loving guidebook for this work, including both research and humor to motivate us through the difficult challenges into healthy, supportive, creative relationships."

Mirabai Bush, Senior Fellow Center for Contemplative Mind in Society, Author of Mindfulness in Organizations: Foundations, Research, and Applications, Working With Mindfulness, and Contemplation Nation


What's Being Said


"B Grace Bullock has done the world a great service in writing this book. Her work brings together all aspects of the true relationship experience: what we think, what we feel, how we act and speak, and most importantly, how our bodies and minds register these in real time. It is a valuable contribution to relational science, and an easy pathway to creating better connections with those around us."

Dinabandhu Sarley, Founding member of the Kripalu Center, Past Chief Executive at the Omega Institute

"There is nothing more important than our relationships with ourselves and each other. Yet, there are few resources to help us negotiate these critical and sometimes complicated waters. We all want supportive and effective relationships and most of us just don't know how to make that happen. This important and timely text provides the scientific context, knowledge, and tools needed for deepening personal insight and tools for positive, effective relationship. This book is a must have for those of use who want deeper more meaningful relationships."

Catherine Cook Cottone, PhD, Professor U Buffalo, Yoga and Mindfulness Researcher, Author of Mindfulness & Yoga for Self Regulation

"Mindful Relationships is a skillful and engaging account of both the science and the consequences and lived experience of the seven skills leading to better relationships for ourselves and others. From the exuberance of someone committed to supporting thriving and joy to the balanced and clear evidence and exercises, Grace's unique background, wisdom and deep commitment shines through each of the chapters."

Daniel Barbezat, PhD, Executive Director Center for Contemplative Mind in Society
Professor Amherst College

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