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Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom. 

 Viktor Frankl


"Grace was instrumental in guiding our collaborative toward a vision for our assessment process. Over the course of two dynamic days, she worked alongside
the group to help us create a framework that captures key aspects of our contemplative pedagogy. Along with her strong leadership skills, Grace’s deep respect for everyone’s voice contributed to the success of our meeting. She was supportive, organized and articulate. Grace was committed to leaving us with a model that we can adapt and use going forward as we continue our work."

Rachel Razza, Diane Grimes, Bron Adam, Bonnie Shoultz
Syracuse University Contemplative Collaborative

"As a highly experienced and respected mindfulness educator with considerable background and expertise in mindfulness training and evaluation for school staff and students, Grace was instrumental in guiding us through the initial process of developing a strategic plan for program design, teacher training, implementation, and evaluation, and remains an invaluable member of our team."

Gerry Myers CEO
The Crim Fitness Foundation

"Grace brings deep personal practice, clinical insight, rigorous methodological thinking and perhaps most importantly, a sense of humor and possibility, to her work. I have been deeply impressed by her depth of knowledge of measurement issues, creativity, insight and open mindedness. She is an outstanding colleague and collaborator."

Rona Wilensky, SMART Faculty Director, Leadership Co-Director, PassageWorks Institute

"Grace is extraordinary". 


Participant, Inner Strengths for Successful Leaders, Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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OEA Choice Trust is dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of Oregon public school employees. Together we are developing a Roadmap for creating a mindful approach to employee wellbeing for public school staff across Oregon. The Roadmap and its foundational instruction and offerings provide a flexible framework for school districts to create sustainable, mindful communities that support collective wellbeing. Our work includes collaboration with the Trust on Roadmap design, as well as content development, the delivery of professional learning sessions, technical assistance, process and content evaluation and report writing, project management and district-wide sustainability planning. 

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The Passageworks Institute is at the forefront of providing mindfulness education to educators and leaders around the country. Beginning in 2015, I have worked with the organization to develop personalized evaluation tools to assess the impact of a number of their mindfulness-based programs.

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The Early Assessment and Support Alliance (EASA) provides information and support to young adults, age 12 to 25, experiencing symptoms of psychosis for the first time. EASA serves people for up to two years. EASA teams include counselors, case managers, occupational and supported employment/education specialists, medical staff, and family education and mentorship. Currently EASA programs reach 32 Oregon counties.


The Trauma Healing Project envisions a vibrant and connected community where anyone impacted by violence, abuse or other trauma receives the support and attention they need to fully recover and to reach their highest potential. They work with community members, professionals and organizations to raise awareness and to identify, develop and promote many options for healing and for preventing trauma. We are currently engaged in an initiative with Lane County Health and Human Services to create a model for a Trauma Informed System of Care.

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For nearly 18 months, the community of Flint Michigan was exposed to lead contaminated drinking water. In 2016, I began my ongoing relationship with the Crim Fitness Foundation to spearhead the design, implementation and evaluation efforts of a large-scale, district-wide initiative to bring mindfulness education to all school staff and students in the Greater Flint Region, as well as the Flint community. In 2018 we completed our second year of implementation and program evaluation, and this initiative continues to expand to include a diverse array of constituents, with the goal of becoming a mindful city.

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The School of Social Transformation at Arizona State University launched a groundbreaking program to provide embodied mindfulness education to under served and minority students doing important public service work in the community. I was hired by ASU to design and develop an evaluation plan to assess the impact of this effort.

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Syracuse University is at the leading edge of developing innovative, multi-disciplinary, mindfulness-based education campus-wide. In 2016 I was hired by the university's Contemplative Collaborative to facilitate a 2-day event designed to create multidisciplinary consensus regarding key evaluation objectives and metrics to measure the initiative's success.



The nonprofit Foundation for a Mindful Society supports the work of mindfulness champions to increase health, well-being, kindness, and compassion in society.The Foundation also engages in social innovation projects and business collaborations that significantly advance mindfulness in society, and serves as an objective voice and champion for the public good, and are committed to maintaining authenticity and integrity within the growing mindfulness field. I provide ongoing writing and consultation to the Foundation, as well as its media assets, Mindful Magazine and Mindful Digital.

Contemplative Education Pre-conference
Howard University
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Søren Kierkegaard

"Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced."

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