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A wish for you

Every once in a while something comes along that is too good not to share.

May you fall madly in love this year...

in love with someone who unhinges your tired trajectory,

in love with a spouse of several years who might be aching for lightning,

in love with demanding children and crazy relatives..

.in love with the particular pedigree of genius insanity that has perhaps claimed you in spite of your reluctance...

and certainly in love with an animal,

a cloud,

a redwood,

the wild...these at least once a day.

May you fall in love with this fragile jewel of a world,

with hard work,

real learning,

just causes,

petitioning and prayers.

May you fall in love with wonder itself,

with the great mystery,

with all that feeds you in order that you may live...

and with the responsibility that that confers.

May you fall in love with heartbreak and seeing how it's stitched into everything.

May you fall in love with the natural order of things and with tears, tenderness and humility.

May this be a magnificent year for you.

May you fall deeply, hopelessly, inextinguishably in love.

- Rachelle Lamb. Artwork: Jackie Morris


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